A Simple Key For The Shannara Chronicles Season 3 dvd release date Australia Unveiled

September twelve, 2016 submitting ... Siddhartha ... the river returns ??? is HRC collapse within the in the world trade Centre yesterday (the fifteenth anniversary of 911 trade Middle "assault") and her owned news media caught red handed in a canopy up the river returning with the bush clinton crime families ... if she loses the "election" the court cases sure to ensue would open up the door to the decades with the clinton bush criminal offense spouse and children mega disasters starting with whitewater along with the S&L scandal and in many cases for the JFK assassination - John Kennedy Jr. assasination which permitted HRC to realize the NY senate seat - WACO mass murder - the cocaine Procedure in mena arkansas which had moved to Waco Tx resulting in hillary to start the siege and mass murder and the long list of lifeless men and women starting with vince foster and other very little functions similar to the complete destruction of countries like Libya .

August 30, 2014 submitting ... my radio exhibit from past thursday night time has become posted about the weekly radio exhibit archive sub-page ... my key science subject i proceed the discussion of Dispersed Power production getting ready for your release of the information around the wind devices that i are talking about ... I'm Functioning to The purpose where you will recognize the economics of Electrical power era And exactly how this and REAL option Electricity usually have been stunted for public consumption .

September 08, 2016 demonstrate ... Key Science Subject matter ... "The Arithmetic of World Populace" i will give some attention-grabbing perspectives ... this has significant implications for world sources and air pollution ... but Despite this the most significant difficulty from the world is ... ___ listen and learn !!! jim mccanney September 01, 2016 demonstrate ... posted to the archive sub-page ... subjects: the two pacific storms madeline and lester raced due west immediately for the large island of hawaii BUT each broke up just right before arriving ... also I'll go over the necessity of team youth sports activities so youth might take constructive criticism with out taking it Individually ... the prepared main science subject "the mathematics of world population" i needed to postpone to future week as there were so many matters to protect this week ... also examine the middle column beneath "Photograph with the day" exactly where i detail why the hawaiian island repels hurricanes And just how i attempted to solicit the US Navy to make use of my process to limited out hurricanes in advance of landfall However they hardly ever responded listen and understand .

March 06, 2013 submitting ... MY Online page WAS HACKED YESTERDAY ... GEEEEE could it's someone is just not happy with my accomplishment and upcoming e book release ??? i in no way acquired my Xmas card from NASA this 12 months (once more) could this be another indicator this new world order controlled "House agency"  would not like me ??? we trapped the IP address from which the hack came and so are investigating the owner ... we provide the documents of all the injury completed to my web page and so we went to backups and now my web site is completely restored ... recall that the youtube video clips impersonating me with chopped clips of my 2004 and other early radio demonstrates can make it seem like I'm predicting the end from the world remain up (youtube ... CIA GOOGLE owned ... refused to remove these apparent impersonations) and Moreover youtube editors won't permit anybody to publish my Online page website link inside the blogs to negate this vicious assault on my fantastic name .

January 26, 2015 submitting ... This is certainly Odd ... Room X the elon musk owned non-public Room organization sued the US Air Power above deal repairing for the mil surveillance satellite launching contracts sighting that a consortium of outdated boy aerospace businesses have been in essence acquiring no bid no competition contracts ... alleging they ended up dragging their feet on certifying Area X for qualifying for that contracts ... now here arrives click for source the Odd part ... USAF and Space X just settled when it turned clear that Room X was likely to win ... prior to the settlement ink was dry over the paper ... drum roll ... mega look for and information large GOOGLE and mega Trader Fidelity (who is closely invested in Monsanto) jointly threw $one billion (Certainly by using a B) into Place X supplying them 10% possession in addition to a place to the board of administrators .

February 14, 2013 posting ... my weekly radio show archive has become posted around the archive sub-website page ... this 7 days i protect many shorter goods which have been build up on my subjects listing for a few time ... the main science subject is the results of a listener ask for to elucidate the Actual physical process on how comet tails sort in my Plasma Discharge Comet Product ... my textbooks describe this intimately BUT sometimes a little refresher carried out verbally allows All people to understand the fundamentals .

January 09, 2015 submitting ... my clearly show from final night time has become posted within the archive sub-web site ... this can be a MUST Hear SHOW !!! i have a vital announcement pertaining to World X (ACTUALLY the various planet X objects which i are actually referring to all together) .

JANUARY 09, 2014 ... the POLAR VORTEX Fantasy ... you without doubt have heard about this phrase staying blamed for terrible chilly weather ... It is just a fairy tale catch expression that may be tossed at the general public to make them visualize meteorologists determine what They are really undertaking .

December 20, 2013 ... my weekly radio demonstrate has become posted over the archive sub-website page ... given that i have already been underneath these assault these days per the above mentioned Notice ... I believed i would provide the world leaders (who fund the disinfo crew shills and also the tier II fairy tale science and experts) a Xmas sized percentage of what exactly they try to avoid ... i will pay attention to the Physics of Solar Program Development with an emphasis on residing Along with the true guidelines of mother nature ... To put it differently i will likely be demonstrating how the international monetary technique dependant on natural resource Regulate, charging for combustible non-renewable Electricity and now the Charge of h2o via their phony "world-wide weather improve" pseudo-science are forcing you to Dwell towards the purely natural legislation that govern our world and environment .

November 14, 2014 submitting ... cometary science in the eu and United states of america gov supported Area organizations has struck an all time lower ... Together with the Siding Spring comet come upon with Mars and the Rosetta mission to land with a comet ... ALL the final results Evidently demonstrate two points ... one) comets couldn't maybe be filthy snowballs and 2) my Plasma Discharge Comet Design is completely accurate ... it's so far further than disgusting given that the morons (PhDs) within these businesses provide the gall to regularly confess that nothing at all they see corresponds for their predicted fairy tale science however they point out that "they're going to Focus on finding the workings of comets" but not surprisingly throughout the framework of their disneyland principles .

November 01, 2014 posting ... several have emailed me about an alleged "evidence" that comet siding spring produced a "flash" on mars allegedly recorded by some alleged astronomer (2nd hand no much less) posted on youtube (one of the greatest misinformation web pages on the planet) ... this isn't ... i repeat this is simply not any sort of scientific evidence or data ... the amount of times hold the trolls that follow me tried to entrap me with this type of baloney hoping I might rest my case of questionable info .

Oct 25, 2014 publishing ... the ebola news has sprung into action all over again ... diagnosed Doctor in New York who arrived again from ebola stricken africa ... Others being stopped in airports in New Jersey ... BUT ... Much too Small TO LATE ... there is still no national plan although obama made a speech Almost nothing IS Remaining Performed it is simply a puff of sizzling air ... the governors of Ny and new jersey are applying a quarantine on health-related personnel coming from africa BUT The my latest blog post remainder is voluntary at very best ... the most crucial carriers will probably be folks who want desperately to receive previous any check details ... the world health Business nonetheless has no coverage and the US his comment is here CDC is "focusing on revising their plan" what ever that means ... quite possibly about tea and crumpets ?

How the hell does NASA know that this comet will be the most significant comet to pass through our photo voltaic program because and for X amout of time?...Until they really know what you recognize... that comets aren't soiled snowballs Which The sunshine emitting from it'll don't have anything to complete with ice getting ejected from It can be core at high velocities, and that only a truly significant and electrically charged comet could quite possibly glow like they are saying it will eventually.

August 20, 2013 ... two things just in ... a comet just approached the Sunlight and activated a complete coronal mass ejection ... We've got data of countless these nevertheless the officialdom at the naval observatory states "not associated" ... are these scientists really that stupid ??? Sure They can be but remember This can be the tier II science pawned off on the public ... A further write-up states that scientists ultimately have admitted that thunder clouds do not produce adequate energy to develop lightning and at the moment are wanting to cosmic rays (substantial Electrical power protons from other stars) to result in the lightning (seems like another person has actually been viewing too many flash gordon movies currently) .

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